The balance between good and bad bacteria in turn affects: nutritional status; efficacy of medications; physiological function; aging; immune response; and your personal comfort. Several factors can deplete good (probiotic) bacteria and upset intestinal balance, including: antibiotics; other drugs; infections; highly processed, low fibre foods; chronic diarrhoea. Gains from beneficial bacteria include: production of vitamins, especially Vitamin B and Vitamin K; increased absorption of minerals like calcium. Probiotics support normal bowel function.


Why Take Probiotics?

More people are becoming increasingly aware that probiotics, or the “good” bacteria, are essential for good health. Yet if asked what the specific health benefits are, some are still confused. Equally confusing is the vast number of diverse strains of good bacteria that fall under the umbrella term “probiotics.”

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are naturally occurring friendly bacteria that are an integral part of everyone’s digestive system. When consumed in either food or as supplements they enhance health in several ways. They support the immune system, and the bodies defences, and help with food and nutrient assimilation.

Probiotics are live beneficial microorganisms that impart overall health benefits. There are more than 400 species of bacteria residing in an individual’s digestive tract. When the intestinal flora is balanced, the good bacteria can prevent detrimental organisms from invading the gut and leaving the gastrointestinal tract susceptible to ailments. Supplemental probiotics furnish and maintain an optimal intestinal flora environment when something disrupts the delicate balance of good and bad bacteria.

Most consumers are first introduced to probiotics through food sources, especially yogurt that contains live, active cultures. Most yogurt products began to infiltrate store shelves in the 1970s and have captured both the mass market and health food store consumers. The probiotics strains most prevalent in today’s yogurt are species of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, which are lactic acid bacteria that comprise a majority of the intestinal flora and repel colonization of potentially harmful pathogenic organisms. In addition to the ubiquitous Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria there are different strains offering specific health benefits as well.

How do Probiotics work?

Our bodies contain hundreds of various strains of microflora in the gastrointestinal tract. The proper balance of good bacteria promotes a healthy digestive system. They colonize the exterior surface of cells in the gastrointestinal tract and prevent potentially detrimental pathogenic organisms from proliferation. Probiotics also produce components shown to hinder the growth of certain types of harmful bacteria as well as lower the risk for altered metabolic activity. In order for probiotics to work efficaciously by reproducing and colonizing, they must first survive the stomach acid and intestinal bile.

What do Probiotics do?

For over 100 years it has been recognized that certain bacteria are beneficial for our digestive systems and overall health. Recently an increasing number of high quality research studies have been proving these benefits and elucidating new uses for probiotics. Probiotics are frequently used after antibiotic treatment in order to regain healthy digestion.

Women have comprised a solid audience for probiotics’ benefits when being treated for yeast in countering yeast infections, many of which are exacerbated by antibiotic use.

Typically, the ratio of good bacteria to bad in the gastrointestinal tract is 85% and 15%, respectively. Factors that affect healthy, balanced intestinal microflora include diet, prescription drug regimen (especially the use of antibiotics), stress, pH and ancillary illnesses. Since most consumers are susceptible to some or all of the contributing factors of a compromised balance of intestinal microflora, probiotics offer a well-researched and proven way to counter the ill effects of these factors and bolster health. Supplemental probiotic consumption achieves this balance safely and effectively.

Why take  Probiotics?

Our probiotics are naturally occurring live micro organisms that are an integral component of everyone’s digestive system.

These micro organisms are typically packaged in capsules. The products should be kept refrigerated in order to prolong the life of the live organisms so they will have a reasonable shelf life. It is recommended that they are kept in the refrigerator once opened.

Suggested Dosage Swanson Ultimate Probiotic capsules

Adults – Take 1 capsules daily in between meals, or as directed by your health professional.

To maintain maximum potency store in the refrigerator.
The shelf life of Swanson Ultimate Probiotics is approximately 2 years.

Quality Guarantee

Swanson packaging complies with International standards. Every product has a barcode, batch# and expiry date printed. Our probiotics are naturally occurring live micro organisms that are an integral component of everyone’s digestive system.

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