15% Discount Limited Period Offer

To make things easier for those of our customers that want to buy more than one of our products we have introduced the “Mixed Pack Special” where you can buy a mixture of our products that we have selected as being a good synergistic mix for various ailments and to promote this brilliant idea for a limited time we will give you a 15% discount. We will extend the range of mixed packs as and when we see a need or if a customer comes up with a good suggestion.

Healthy Gut Special

This pack contains 2 x Southern Deep Shark Liver Oil, 60 x 1000mg caps., 2 x Southern Country Colostrum, 100 x 480mg capsules and 2 x Thompsons Multidophilus Probiotics 30 x 6 billion CFU capsules. This is a very good mix as taking the the three products together tends to be more effective than just taking one at a time. To order go here.

Joint Mobility Special

This pack contains 2 x Southern Deep Shark Liver Oil, 60 x 1000mg capsules, 2 x Southern Deep Shark Cartilage, 100 x 750mg capsules and 2 x Southern Country Colostrum, 100 x 480mg capsules. This is a very good mix for people with many forms of joint immobility. To order go here.

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Shipping. Par Avion Air – FREE AIRMAIL WORLDWIDE – NO MINIMUM ORDER. Our products are normally shipped the same day – 5 days a week, by airmail which takes approximately 7-10 working days to arrive, but it is usually quicker than that. New Zealand customers: If you live in New Zealand you can e-mail us at sales@lovelyhealth.com with the number of bottles you require and your address, phone number and e-mail address. We will reply with NZ costs and local payment options, or visit our website designed for NZ customers www.nznaturalhealth.com.

Buyer Beware

**Always compare prices with number of capsules and mg contents and check the origin. ** We sell direct online; No minimum order – No junk mail – No membership for what so-ever discount. Bottled in New Zealand – Just at every day low prices.

Refund policy

Our refund policy is that we will refund the purchase price of any unopened bottles of our products within 60 days of purchase, but return post will be the customers responsibility.

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is that we will not hand on your data to any other organization.

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