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Manuka Health Active Manuka Honey

Another unique New Zealand product

Unique to New Zealand MGO™ Manuka honey is the only 100% natural food in the world shown to have effective and reliable anti-bacterial activity due to the active compound – Dietary Methylglyoxal which forms naturally in the nectar of manuka plant.

MGO™ Manuka Honey is collected from a New Zealand plant called Leptospermum scoparium. For quite some time the unique manuka honey anti-bacterial activity was known and measured by a general measurement of its biological effect.What was causing the antibacterial activity remained unknown for almost 15 years.

The discovery came from the research group led by Professor Thomas Henle, University of Dresden (Germany).
"We unambiguously demonstrate for the first time that Dietary Methylglyoxal is directly responsible for the anti-bacterial activity of manuka honey"
(reported Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, January, 2008)

You can read about more research on Manuka honey here.

So far MGO™ Manuka honey has been the only food in the world found with such a significant Dietary Methylglyoxal content ranging from 20mg/kg to over 800mg/kg. In contrast all other honeys worldwide tested have ranged between 1 to 10 mg/kg, other foods range from 0 to 50mg/kg with coffee and cocoa being the highest.

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MGO\99 Manuka Honey Information

The Precise Standard for Unique Reliable Activity of MGO™ Manuka Honey Manuka Health has introduced a new brand - MGO™ Manuka Honey and measures methylglyoxal content based on standards developed by University of Dresden. For example, MGO™100 Manuka Honey is certified to contain at least 100mg/kg of dietary methylglyoxal, the minimum required for health benefits. The Correlation Between Methylglyoxal Content And The Old Measurement Of The Antibacterial Activity In Manuka Honey Identified by The University of Dresden. Product Methylglyoxal, mg/kg MGO™100 Manuka 100mg/kg MGO™250 Manuka 250mg/kg MGO™400 Manuka 400mg/kg MGO™550 Manuka 550mg/kg Unique MGO™ Manuka Honey is collected from a New Zealand plant called Leptospermum scoparium.

Manuka Health's MGO\99250+ Manuka Honey & ACTIValoe\99 Gel Information

Manuka Health's MGO™250+ (16+) Manuka & ACTIValoe™ Gel is a unique and exclusive combination of two natural, evidence-based ingredients you can trust. This formula is designed to maintain your digestive health. The concentration of ACTIValoe™ Gel in one 250g pot of the product is equivalent to 1 LITRE of Premiun Aloe Vera juice and has an unlimited shelf life with no preservatives. Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel (by USDA and EU) + Certified by IASC (International Aloe Vera Science Council) For more information about ACTIValoe™ Gel please click here MGO™250+ (16+) Manuka Honey has been tested and certified to have a high level of Dietary Methylglyoxal (250mg/kg) - a compound in Manuka Honey responsible for its naturally occurring high level of anti-bacterial properties. Directions to use: Take 1-3 teaspoons a day 30 min before meals.

Information about ACTIValoe\99 Gel

ACTIValoe™ gel that we use in our formula is manufactured by the leading certified supplier of raw Aloe Vera materials for the dietary supplement fuctional foods and personal care markets. Years of research led them to the development of their Qmatrix process in which special care is taken to avoid activity loss (a quantum leap in processing technology).

Qmatrix Process

1. Time, Temperature & Sanitation Program Even minor compositional changes can result in losses in biological activity, and decreased efficacy of the final product. The time and temperature used in processing play a signifacant role in the retention of biological constituents. Therefore it is necessary to minimize the exposure of the product to heat during the manufacturing process to yield the most biologically active and effective Aloe possible. 2. Modified Aloe Polysaccharide Process Aloe's powerful healing properties are dependent on its polysaccharide content. But not all polysaccharides are the same. It is the medium-weight polysaccharides, which fall in the 50,000 to 100,000 molecular weight range, that enhance the biological activity of Aloe Vera. The patented MAP process concentrates the polysaccharides that fall into this highly active molecular weight range. 3. Low Temperature/ Short Time Drying The last phase of the Qmatrix Proprietary Processing is the patented LTST drying step, which allows to quickly and gently process the Aloe. Never before has dehydrated Aloe vera so closely resembled the flavor, color and nutritional profile of the fresh plant. In fact, powder products manufactured by Qmatrix Proprietary Processing have superior freshness characteristics when reconstituted. This special processing method retains and enhances the biological activity of fresh Aloe. Why ACTIValoe™ Gel is the Best Choice? Most pure, active and efficacious Aloe in the world Certified by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) Guaranteed minimum 10% polysaccharide content by dry weight (Aloe's powerful healing properties are dependent on its polysaccharide content) 100% Organic: no harmful pesticides, certified by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the EU Lab-tested free of additives, extenders and foreign materials Backed by clinical research to assure efficacy


Scientific research proved that Aloe vera may support immune system, wound healing, anti-aging, healthy blood sugar regulation, maintain cardiovascular and digestive health. (In vitro studies, Barts, Englang) *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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