A few things about Sharks

  • Sharks live 25 years longer than the average human.
  • Sharks have extraordinary resistance to infection.
  • Shark’s wounds heal twice as fast a persons.

Sharks and the Incredible Benefits of Shark Oil

Another thing about sharks is that they do not get cancer, and their skin doesn’t age. It’s true that sharks don’t site out in the sun, but there is another reason for the incredible resilience of sharks.


Sharks have something called Squalane. Squalane is a special oil formed in the Shark’s liver, and was traditionally and widely used by Scandinavian herbal healers. The oil contains a vital component called Alkylglycerol. The same thing found in a Mother’s breast milk for newborn babies. This helps build a strong immune system.

To date many doctors and researchers have written books and published their finds about sharks and the incredible benefits of shark oil to positive conclusions. Shark oil really is a miracle dietary supplement.

The results?

Shark Liver Oil has not been proven to be highly effective in fighting, preventing and relieving symptoms of disease. It also has the ability to renew aging skin, and potentially reverses the outward signs of aging too. Thanks to the Squalane supplement.

Thanks to squalane, you can experience;

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooth and soften your skin’s texture
  • Make your skin look radiant
  • Improve your skin’s hydration
  • Protect your skin against damage
  • Heal you skin from exposure

That’s right, thanks to the properties of Squalane, your skin can quickly absorb the oil without any form of sticky residue. The best part of it is, your skin quickly recognizes squalane and absorbs it deep into it’s pores creating a refreshing feeling.

Now that you understand a little bit more about Sharks and the Incredible Benefits of Shark Oil. Read more about it on our Shark Liver Oil Product Page.