Our Company Mission

We believe that if you treat customers well with good prices and good friendly service, supplementing relevant information, those customers will tell their friends about our site, and will continue to be good customers themselves. As we have many European customers, we have Shelly running our Customer Service department, and she will work hard to resolve any customer problems. If you have a problem with our service, give us the opportunity to fix it. Email us at enquiries@lovelyhealth.com

We look after our customers with great products at fair prices

Deep sea Shark Liver Oil and Bovine Colostrum for supporting the immune system and joint mobility. Premium Shark Squalene for skin care and anti-aging. Finest Shark Cartilage and Green Lipped Mussel for healthy joints. Southern Deep sea Shark Liver Oil, Shark Cartilage powder in capsules, Green Lipped Mussel extract powder in capsules, Shark Squalene and Bovine Colostrum are Natural Food Supplements from New Zealand ‘s clean oceans and countryside. We also have Shark Liver Oil Spray available in a squirt bottle for skin care.

We also have many other products from other manufacturers. These offer immune system support for digestive health, normal blood pressure and cardiovascular health..

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Take advantage of the exchange rate of the New Zealand dollar to get the world’s finest bovine Colostrum, Shark Squalene (squalen), deep sea Shark liver oil , Shark Cartilage, Green Lipped Mussel at good prices; products direct from NZ, with no minimum order, and same day shipping weekdays.