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Kiwicare Organic Instant Milk Powder

New Zealand is the ideal country for milk production. New Zealand produces some the highest quality milk powders in the world. The climate and soils within New Zealand are ideal suited for growing grass. Cows can feed on lush green grass all year round which producers very well balanced, nutrient rich milk. The dairy farming techniques in New Zealand are so efficient that the energy required to produce a kilo of milk powder is amongst the lowest if not the lowest in the developed world.

Milk powder that is safe and pure. People want to be 100% sure they are buying milk powders that are pure and without contaminants.

Kiwicare Organic, producers "retail ready" milk powder products that can give the consumer the confidence they require because:


* Kiwicare organic Skim milk powders are produced under an organically certified regime (IFOAM)

     that is recognized throughout the world. The dairy farm, the powder processing factory and the

     retail packing facility are all "certified organic" under this regime. No chemicals or methods used

     throughout the total process are harmful to the environment, or to humans and animals.


* Kiwicare organic Skim milk powders are produced in New Zealand packed in New Zealand and a

     tamper evident lid is applied to the final retail pack in New Zealand.


* New Zealand has very strict regulations surrounding the dairy industry, the food processing

     industry and food packing industry. All New Zealand industries are accountable to and monitored

     by the New Zealand government. Only acceptable methods and products can be used in the

     production and packing of milk powders.



New Zealand Milk Powder at lowest prices direct from NZ





Small Batch Product.

100% Purity






450g can

Whole Milk







450g can

Skim Milk




Quality Guarantee.


Kiwicare Organic Instant Milk Powder is made by spray drying fresh pasteurised New Zealand certified organic whole milk. Excellent solubility, it is full fat with a rich creamy flavour. Ideal for camping or where refrigeration might be a problem.

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Skim Milk Powder for health conscious adults as a low fat drinking milk.

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